Vincent Lefèvre

International Expert in Evaluation of Agro-Environmental Development Programs

M.A. in AGRONOMY (tropical),Université Catholique de Louvain / Post-graduation in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Université Catholique de Louvain / Certificate in COMMUNICATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Université de Liège (CERES) / Courses of geology (Catholic University of Louvain - Belgium)

  • M.A. in AGRONOMY (tropical), Université Catholique de Louvain 85-91

  • Post-graduation in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Université Catholique de Louvain 92-93

  • Certificate in COMMUNICATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Université de Liège (CERES) 2001

  • Attendance to the seminar by the Joint Evaluation Unit
    EuropeAid, DG Relex and DG Dev on Results-oriented Measurement (ROM) and Evaluation in the Relex family - at the Belgian Cooperation Agency (DGCD - Brussels - Belgium), March 2007

  • Courses of geology (Catholic University of Louvain - Belgium), 1992 Sept.-1993 June / Subjects: crystallography, mineralogy, aerial photo interpretation, remote sensing imagery analysis, geomorphology, and cartography mapping techniques. In March 1993, training on geological mapping.

Key qualifications: (relevant to the assignment):

  • Programme management & co-ordination / project formulation & implementation, M&E - knowledge of PCM, logical framework & ZOPP methodologies / equipment specifications

  • Programme & project evaluation / technical audit / institutional appraisal: analysis of relevance / effectiveness / efficiency / social, institutional & economic impact / political, social & cultural, technological, institutional & financial sustainability / cross cutting issues (gender, AIDS, environment & institutional capacity building); questionnaires design & interviews of beneficiaries

  • Knowledge of 9th, 10th & 11th EDF administrative & financial procedures

  • Data acquisition methods for evaluations: questionnaires drafting & interviews of beneficiaries; SWOT analysis; (semi-) structured interviews, focus groups

  • Knowledge of monitoring & evaluation methodologies (incl. Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool)

  • Food security / Agronomy / agro-forestry / agro-industry / horticulture

  • Agro-climate and meteorology / climate change mitigation - adaptation

  • Cartography / remote sensing / mapping / GIS (Arcinfo, Mapinfo, Ilwis) / Database management systems (MECOSIG, COONGO)

  • Land & water resources evaluation / crop potential analysis / participatory rural appraisals

  • Natural resources management / mountain agro-ecosystems / biodiversity conservation

  • Soil survey / soil conservation / soil fertility

  • Statistics including programming in SAS & Delphi

  • Renewable energies (wind, solar, bio-diesel, rape seed oil)

Other relevant information :(e.g. Publications):

  • UN International Electoral Observer for ONUMOZ in Mozambique (October 1994): interviews of candidates, meetings with NGOs, observation of political meetings, listing of electoral law infringements, verification of the electoral registers, observation of the polls and of counting; daily reporting

  • Internal scientific publications at the National Institute of Agronomical Research (Mozambique) - 1994-1998

  • Assignments during education: 1991 February-April, Guadeloupe - France.

  • Thesis at the Neufchâteau Research Centre - IRFA / CIRAD; study of influence in banana plantation of agricultural mechanisation and cultivation practices on soil parasites infestation, soil structure degradation and banana-tree growth (andosol).

  • Other activities: cave exploration - member of the Paraná Cave Exploration Group (GEEP - Açungui): participation in the exploration of the caves in the South of Brazil (topography & geology of the caves) and member of STALAC (Belgium); scuba diving; skipper (sailing), amateur geologist.

  • Student travel in Cameroon (1989), Australia (1991-1992).

  • Numerous (off-duty) visits in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Comoros & Mayotte, Mozambique (1993-1998, 2001, 2006)

  • Member of the Belgian Nature Observation Society (2001-now)

  • Member of the Belgian Federation of Agriculture & Civil Engineers (FABI) (1991-now)